Sorry been quiet for a while on here for a while. Currently debating the shape of extended presence, inspired by (of all people) Lana Del Ray (seriously. There’s more there than pouty lips and music to drink G&T to by your LA pool).

Of note:

Tom of Faerie and Fulcrum are now both available for free on Smashwords.


Newness on the way.

PS. despite his penchant to over do it on the explosions, Transformers:Age of Extinction was rather a lot of fun. Mark Walberg = apparently more than just a large package and a pretty face 😉


Star Art

Just a quickie for anyone whose interested:

You can now see naked copies of the art from the covers for OrphansHand and Journey of the Star Plague Journals on my deviantART gallery here.

Go check ’em out 🙂