The hub is online

Just a brief one to say that I’ve finally got round to reorganising the site, following a few months prevarication. In future this place will function as more of a hub, with links out to the various aspects of my virtual presence. Any actual blogging (not that I ever do a lot of it) will come via deviantART (as it’s nice to invest in the community) or Twitter (for those of you not on DA).

New stuff (including updates on Harlem’s Deck) will always turn up on Twitter, so that’s probably the easiest place to keep track of what’s going on, though I know not everybody uses it.

That’s all for now (folks). Hope you’re all enjoying the unexpected (but very much appreciated – cheers Ra) bank holiday sun.

Kudos peeps x


Star Art

Just a quickie for anyone whose interested:

You can now see naked copies of the art from the covers for OrphansHand and Journey of the Star Plague Journals on my deviantART gallery here.

Go check ’em out 🙂

Which side of the mirror?

Me again (yes, I know, two in one day! Promise this will be it for bit).

I don’t like doing self-indulgent on here. Tried once or twice when I first started blogging and you just come across as poser-ish (at least that’s how it read to me). Wrote the following to a friend on deviantART just now, however, and felt I wanted to share it further.

To give you some context, we’ve been chatting about a recent journal on depthRADIUS concerning an artist who recently died. You can find the article in question here and the artist in question’s profile here. Vicky’s question (‘what did the article say to you?’) made me think, and after writing the below I found I wanted to share it further.

What, after all, is the point of having a blog if not for expressing your thoughts and feelings? (Yes I know I’m contradicting myself!)

Anyway, here’s what I wrote. Ta for listening.


Sorry for the tardiness of my reply.

Spotted your response this morning, actually came up with a nice eloquent reply this afternoon on my way to Asda.
Obviously, that has now disappeared.

Let me try and piece something together in its place. I reckon that for me, reading the article and looking at her art – ooh! inspiration (sorry). Idea has returned, here goes:

Reading the article and looking at her art, I was reminded of the Buffy episode set in the mental asylum? Where you’re left wondering whether it is all, in fact a delusion, and she’s imagining it all. At the end of the episode, if memory serves, she chooses to go back into the delusion (which you’re questioningly left to believe is in fact reality?). What this woman went through made me think of that: that she chose to place herself within her own fantasy environment. An act some may disagree with, but a decision that was valid for her. And the resultant art is so beautiful and haunting, I think, because of that decision, that sacrifice (? – not sure if that’s the right word).
She (I get the impression) was very aware of the fact that her choice, and her road, were not ‘normal’, but it was right for her. This is the thing that spoke to me, as indeed the works of Neil Gaiman and Tori Amos (amongst others) speak to me. Because they are produced by people who have taken a different road.

Hope that makes sense? Nice to let my inner Goth out for a change.

Putting my Troy wig away now.

Chat soon, Paul.’

Waiting on Dream

As the image to my left says, we’re nearly there: His Staying Hand awaits but the approval of KDP and it’ll go live. And work is almost finished (more feverish writing will occur later this afternoon) on Journey to the Dragon’s Graveyard, the between books short that will accompany the Hand in its physical edition (kindle users will be able to download it separately). Quite pleased, if I do say so myself, with Journey’s cover art. Hopefully you peeps will like it too.

In other news, I (like many of you out there I’m sure) sit in eager anticipation of the long awaited second instalment of Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III which, unless anybody knows something I don’t, is finally due out on Wednesday. Had kind of got to the point late last month, when it was put back again, where I was beyond caring. But now it’s suddenly almost here again and I’m extremely excited.

Friday (as my next day off) will be a Morpheus day.

The observant amongst you will have noticed I’ve updated my blog roll. depthRADIUS in particular I would highly recommend to anyone interested in art, in any medium. It’s one of the few ongoing journals on the internet that I actually make the time to read. I know during the tenure debate over the admin rights of the .art domain extension (is this still going on? Confess I don’t know) there was a lot of criticism levelled at deviantART* but I have always found the place to be friendly, welcoming and above all else inspiring. Of course it comes across as a bunch of geeks and dreamers. That’s why I’m proud to be a member.

depthRADIUS is put together by techgnostic (who I’m coming to gather is a much respected figure within the community) and guest writers, and deals with such diverse topics as the representations of women in the recent series of American Horror Story entitled Coven, and art as therapy in commemoration of a member of the community who recently past away. Please, do, give it a look.

(*A personal favourite was the journalist who was trying to argue that the site’s claim was flawed given it was just ‘a collection of manga and anime gifs’. Some people need their licences revoking)

Must leave you now, time for cereal fix and then I’m on a mission for tracing paper. Watch this space for an update on book 2, anticipate cooking should be finished by tomorrow night, latest. TTFN.


Picture time again this week.

As well as Valentine’s Day, I recently celebrated my husband’s Birthday with him. Which meant the production of another pair of cards to honour the occasion.

I ought to explain at this point that I decided, some time ago, that as a marginally talented artist I found myself wondering a few years ago ‘why do I buy cards, when I have the skills to make my own?’ From that day onwards (with a couple of exceptions) I’ve produced and illustrated my own greetings cards, where practical and possible.

Valentines first, which you can view here. Entitled ‘My Dark Knight’, I took my inspiration from a piece poster I saw on Bond Street a couple of years ago, whilst on a trip to London with friends (that featured proof positive that the Victoria and Albert Museum is not the place to go with a hangover). I’ve seen various versions of this sort of image, so I can in no way claim credit of any sort here, it’s just my take on a well trodden theme (though I will say that it’s usually Robin with him).

My birthday offering featured an exterior and interior and is based on a running joke between the two of us regarding the Earth, and whether it is, in fact, gaining weight as the population grows and we build more and more across it’s surface. The original – the first Christmas card I did for him – featured the Earth in trainers and a sweat band on a running machine.

Seem appropriate to do something to honour the recently past Mayan Apocalypse that grabbed everyone’s imagination.

For those of you who haven’t before, please do also check out the (as yet quite small) gallery of concept art for The Orphans Revolt, as well as my various other doodlings.

Have a good week y’all. Rocky Horror for me on Friday. Obviously, I’m filled with antici… pation 😉

cover alternatives

cover alternatives

Afternoon all. Currently sat on my kitchen bin to type this, the situations surreality added to by the fact that they appear to have changed WP :s Not sure I’m keen on the new format, but I’m sure time will tell, and let’s face it, I am in no way a master of the digital, so I’ve little choice in the matter regardless, if I want an online presence.


Just a quickie to point up the appended link. It’ll (hopefully) wizz you over to my deviantART page, where you’ll find shiny new uploads in the form of the original sketch, and resultant painting, for my first take on the cover for The Orphans Revolt.