Star Art

Just a quickie for anyone whose interested:

You can now see naked copies of the art from the covers for OrphansHand and Journey of the Star Plague Journals on my deviantART gallery here.

Go check ’em out 🙂


Art vomit and wet dreams of the Sleeping god

So, it’s been a while.

For anyone whose been paying attention I’ve been doing more tweeting recently – not something I’d necessarily planned, but it seems to be a good way of sharing stuff, such as my artwork. I’ve been suffering a bit from art vomit recently (anyone seen Mean Girls? You can own up, this is a safe space) and tweeting the results is a good way for me to pass them about as they end up not only on the twitter tape here (lower down the side bar) but also get ported across to my FB page as well by the social media demons.

There’s been a few new developments over the last couple of weeks though, so I thought it was high time I did a proper post.

First off, after a great deal of hassle with the formatting (page numbers just would not play on Open Office) the physical edition of His Staying Hand has finally made it into the light of day. You can find it here on Amazon, or just click on the cover image to the left and then follow Amazon’s own link on the kindle edition page to its paperback format.

This volume includes Ikari and Timo’s Journey to the Dragon’s Graveyard (yes, that is a cartoon reference – prize for anyone who has spotted the other one? Post in the comments section below).

A word on the boy’s jaunt, as I’ve had a few people asking about it: this story falls in between the closing action of book two and the opening of book three. It’s a part of the story that needs telling before we sit down for the closing night of the show (volume three), and is important for the light it sheds on the nature of the Garden, and the Nym’s back story.

The other bit of news to share concerns one of my side projects; I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned Filthy Gore on here before or not.

Basically, after finishing Orphans and making it out of the self publishing mire in one piece I felt the (quite understandable, I feel) need for a break. To do something fun, light hearted, and all importantly unconnected with the Journals as a whole and Hand in particular.

Two short stories were the result.

Tom of Faerie started life as a bit of smut and a couple of sketches in my journal, on the train ride home from work one evening.

Fulcrum I *think grew out of a hangover, though I couldn’t swear to it. Some of the imagery I’ve been carrying around for a while, waiting for a home that fit. Other thoughts and ideas came fresh once I started writing.

Both are an attempt to write something honest and upfront, where I could be myself without any need to elide (as I have done in Orphans and Hand. Ask my husband how many sex scenes were cut from the first book).

The idea with the Filthy Gore ‘imprint’ (if you will) is that I might produce more as and when, without the pressures of them being an actual ‘series’ in the classical sense. The link here is one of tone and theme-of-content more than anything else. I might continue to pursue the paranormal (I’ve a few ideas along those lines), but then I might end up producing something completely different.

Time will tell.

For the time being please do enjoy/raise an eyebrow at these initial offerings.

Tom is available here.

Fulcrum can be found here.

That’s it for now. Keep an eye out on GladeFaun for the continuing art deluge and I’ll catch you next time.


Dragon’s Graveyard cover

Evening all. Just a quickie. This last week’s been a hectic one (the joys of holiday’s in retail) but one thing I have had a chance to do is finally sort out the font issue that has been plaguing me since I switched laptops.

As a result, I can now unveil the cover for Journey to the Dragon’s Graveyard, the short that stands between books 2 and 3 of the Star Plague Journals. Hoping to get it out there within the next fortnight (fingers crossed) and the print edition of book 2 shortly after that.

Enjoy your weekend all x

Jounrey Cover

Bring on the trumpets

Da da-da da da daarrr!!!

*With much pomp and ceremony…

Ladies and Gentlemen, it with great pleasure that I present to you: my book.

The work is entitled The Orphans Revolt (no, that’s not a grammatical error), for those of you that might have missed that. It’s the first part of the Star Plague Journals (of which part two I am currently penning). I have included links to the side for both the UK and US editions (at the top of my menu bar, on the left of your browser window), as I seem to get a lot of traffic on this site from across the pond, for some reason. (Thank you to any of you swinging through – it’s always nice to feel appreciated!)

For anyone feeling particularly lazy as they read this, the links are as follows:

For the Kindle editions, go here for the UK version, and here for the US.

Those of you without an e-reader, or who are simply feeling flush, can go here for the UK edition, or here for the US.

(It’s worth noting that the paperbacks, because of the nature of the service Createspace offer, are rather expensive. So I really would recommend the Kindle edition, unless you’re a genuine old-school bibliophile.)

For anyone who is an Amazon Prime member, my book is also enrolled in the Kindle Select program, making it available to lend for free over the next 90 days – go check it out! Tell your friends! Tell the guy that always stands in front of you in the coffee shop. The more the merrier (but then I would say that).

All that remains for me to say, is ‘enjoy’.

PS. Please do keep an eye out here for news (and previews) of part two across the coming year. I’ll also be posting conceptual artwork as and when my brain decides its needs visuals to sort through something, and or I need a break from the keyboard. Speak to you all again soon.

What have I let myself in for!?!

I have always considered myself a fairly computer-literate individual, for a layman. Three years at University, followed by a decade’s worth of writing left me, I felt, fairly justified in my quiet pride.

Oh, how wrong I was…

I can safely say that in the past five weeks I have learnt more about computing in general, and modern word and image processing than I did in the last ten years. It’s been quite a learning curve.

Let me give you a rough run down of the pitfalls I’ve had to drag myself out of:

  • working out make my scanner produce higher DPI images, without completely wiping out my laptop’s processor.
  • Adding text to my cover images.
  • Doing so, without loosing the image quality I had (finally) worked out how to produce.
  • Formatting my manuscript so that it fitted the trim size I’d chosen on Createspace.
  • Re-inserting the interior images at a higher quality (I forgot them in the initial image crisis).
  • Discovering the font I’d chosen for wolf’s ghost in the book was not a standard font, and so working out how to embed it (turns out you can’t, but re-saving your work as a PDF will solve the problem).
  • Re-formatting my book (again) for Kindle, including…
  • …applying standard format headers to all part, chapter and section headers.
  • …hyperlinking said headers back to the active contents page therefore necessary.
  • …choosing another font for the wolf’s ghost (as this time, the PDF cheat wouldn’t wash).
  • …using the bookmarking function to instill the necessary virtual pointers kindle’s apparently rely on.
  • …and finally, converting said file into htm format for upload.

I’m feeling fairly certain I’ve missed something along the way there. At some point when this is all over, I need to sit down and do myself a reminders list of things that I should do, and things that I definitely shouldn’t waste time doing (like getting precious about document formatting, when it’s all going to change post adjustment for trim size).

There are probably some of you reading this and laughing (quite justifiably) at my naivety. All I can say in my defence is I’ve never been very good at thinking beyond the immediate. And also, that whilst I would most definitely qualify as a geek to most people, I seemed to miss the bit of that stereotype where, as a teenager, you become a computer wizz. I think instead, I spent that time reading way too much fantasy and obsessing over boys.

There are a myriad of ‘how to’ pages out there regarding the above, but I might pop something together at some point, for any of you out there who are as dense as me.

Anyway, enough for now. It’s cookie time.