Faun’s summer gallery show

Evening all.

So… been quiet for a little while. I did warn you that I will in no way be a reliable poster, but I am aware the recent absence has been a little on the extended side. If I say the words ‘internet provider issues’ and ‘broken laptop’, do things become somewhat clearer? At the risk of sounding like a broken record, sorry (again) for the disappearance, in the unlikely event there is anyone out there who has actually missed these posts.

I have not however (thanks to the kind lend of the other half’s laptop) been idle.

Book two is now complete, and awaiting my brother’s discerning eye.

I’ve also been looking over a couple of my short stories, with a view to putting them out into the world.

And there is a small army of artwork now festooning my various folders and/or loitering on the top of my kitchen cupboards (in an attempt to avoid kitty paw prints on drying paintings), a sampling of which can be found here. Please, do, check it out.

I’ve also attended a Wedding, went to see Wicked (AMAZING – honestly, if you’re a secret Goth you owe it to yourself) welcomed new family members into the world (hey Luna, hey Faelan) and moved my place of work. So, fun and games.

But enough for now. Halloween beckons.