Rose tint my world

Very ill husband and busy few weeks at work have kinda robbed me of my time.

To sum up though: Rocky Horror was Fab-U-LOUS! Can’t express enough how much fun we had, though I will admit to being a teensy bit scared when, whilst doing the timewarp, I realised the balcony where our seats were was wobbling noticeable.

Still alive though.

Dressing up was also brilliant. The gold shorts went down a treat (now know how Kylie felt, Spinning Around), though there are (sadly) no photos of the event, as cameras were somewhat in absence (in my case due largely to lack of a place to put one).

In other news, also finished DMC Devil May Cry this morning. As I said to a friend of mine, it pushes all the buttons Supernatural does for me: demons, violence and cute, cute boys. What can I say?

(Worth mentioning that the story – the main reason I play games, aside from the chance they give me to beat stuff up – was well written, and the game play of an excellent standard. Alex Garland knows his stuff. And the whole thing was just so damn pretty! No, I’m not just talking about Dante, either… even had me on the verge of tears at one point, whilst others mad me laugh out loud. Kudos to all involved in its inception.)

So yeah, that’s my fortnight, pretty much. Also finally cracked the Prelude for book two (so pleased about that, it’d been bugging me), and written some quality prose for the main body of the text.

Btw tomorrow (more’s the pity). Off again Sunday though. Hoping to have an art day.

Later people x