Waiting in antici- pation!

Just a quickie.

Finished work this evening and not back until Monday now. This will be my first ‘holiday’ since Christmas. (The parenthesis are because this isn’t technically a holiday. I’ve worked six days on the trot so I can tie three day’s off together. Still, a break’s a break.) Very much looking forward to a bit of time off, which yes, will include some much deserved time with my mac. Not sure if it’s because I’ve been at work, but had some brilliant ideas for book two, as well as a couple of the short story concepts currently bubbling away in my head.

My librarian’s been a busy girl. Kudos to the girl in black.

Quite aside from the above, however, the primary highlight of the coming weekend for me will be my very own Rocky Horror (sorry JC, no offence meant). Promise to post some pics if there are any I deem suitable for public consumption.

Happy ‘dawning of spring’ to y’all x


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