Picture time again this week.

As well as Valentine’s Day, I recently celebrated my husband’s Birthday with him. Which meant the production of another pair of cards to honour the occasion.

I ought to explain at this point that I decided, some time ago, that as a marginally talented artist I found myself wondering a few years ago ‘why do I buy cards, when I have the skills to make my own?’ From that day onwards (with a couple of exceptions) I’ve produced and illustrated my own greetings cards, where practical and possible.

Valentines first, which you can view here. Entitled ‘My Dark Knight’, I took my inspiration from a piece poster I saw on Bond Street a couple of years ago, whilst on a trip to London with friends (that featured proof positive that the Victoria and Albert Museum is not the place to go with a hangover). I’ve seen various versions of this sort of image, so I can in no way claim credit of any sort here, it’s just my take on a well trodden theme (though I will say that it’s usually Robin with him).

My birthday offering featured an exterior and interior and is based on a running joke between the two of us regarding the Earth, and whether it is, in fact, gaining weight as the population grows and we build more and more across it’s surface. The original – the first Christmas card I did for him – featured the Earth in trainers and a sweat band on a running machine.

Seem appropriate to do something to honour the recently past Mayan Apocalypse that grabbed everyone’s imagination.

For those of you who haven’t before, please do also check out the (as yet quite small) gallery of concept art for The Orphans Revolt, as well as my various other doodlings.

Have a good week y’all. Rocky Horror for me on Friday. Obviously, I’m filled with antici… pation 😉


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