Other half’s birthday this week, so there will be a short hiatus in the regular posting schedule whilst I do preparation-type things like present wrapping etc, like a good husband

(‘What regular schedule?!?’ I hear you cry. Yes, well, I think we’re all well aware by now that erratic should be one of my middle names. All I can say is I will endeavour to impart one post a week for your predilection, but no promises on when it will appear. I’m afraid my life simply doesn’t lend itself to a reliable schedule. Sorry people.)

In lieu of having time to write anything more involved, I’d like to share the following, which anyone who has been by my facebook page recently will have already seen. I drew it last December, in the run up to the release of The Hobbit, following my reacquaintance with one of John Howe’s pieces of Smaug the Golden. This is not he, but some other golden dragon (no, he’s not from the book I’m writing at the moment either).


Sleeping Gold


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