Blanket of stars

Continuing the last post’s theme…

Here’s a sneak peek at some more of the conceptual art for my book’s cover. A different tack this time, I hope you like.



(In a personal aside, had a new tattoo done on Wednesday afternoon. One of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. Picture to follow, once it’s not so scabby.)


cover alternatives

cover alternatives

Afternoon all. Currently sat on my kitchen bin to type this, the situations surreality added to by the fact that they appear to have changed WP :s Not sure I’m keen on the new format, but I’m sure time will tell, and let’s face it, I am in no way a master of the digital, so I’ve little choice in the matter regardless, if I want an online presence.


Just a quickie to point up the appended link. It’ll (hopefully) wizz you over to my deviantART page, where you’ll find shiny new uploads in the form of the original sketch, and resultant painting, for my first take on the cover for The Orphans Revolt.



*Not the god with the hammer everyone wants to get their hands on.

My muse has come out of hibernation (or more likely, recovered from her hangover). The sound of ridiculous stilettos can once again be heard down the long halls of my library.

2013 is the year we will walk the path.