Festive Hyper Space

Like normal hyper space, only sparkly (possibly with tinsel).

Also vexing, in that once you enter the warp, you’re tied there until Christmas Day, or even beyond, depending on how hectic your New Year proves to be.

I should know better by now than to plan to do anything between roughly the 27th of November (auspicious for me, as it is a friend’s Birthday) and somewhere around the 2nd of January. Attempts/plans to do anything even vaguely productive between those dates tend to fall away into the slipstream, diminishing into the past with startling rapidity as the nexus of conscious energy that is Christmas approaches.

All this is a very roundabout way for me to say: book’s probably not going to see the light of day before the New Year.

I console myself with the fact that several of my favourite authors have put publishing dates back (by considerable timespans in some cases – I’ll mention no names, but you know who you are…). So many apologies, but I’m afraid I will have to rely on your patience for just a little longer.

Thank you.

(PS. Apologies to any physicists reading this.)


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