‘All the cats in Paris are wearing them…’

Just a quick personal aside:

I’m currently playing host to two very disgruntled kits, who were taken to be spade on Wednesday (part of the agreement with the rescue centre we got them from). Both are currently modelling those cone shaped hats designed to stop them from pulling at their stitches. With very poor grace. Said cones also restrict their movements, meaning that any clambering onto laps etc requires slightly more claw-work than it used to (though I’m of the opinion they’re milking this handicap a little more than necessary, as a means of getting back at us).

Affirmations of how lovely they look seem to meet with a sullen glare, and scratching behind their ears seems to be the only thing that will restore me or my other half to feline good books.

Roll on Tuesday, when the collars can come off.


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