Beyond the Thunderdome

So I spent my Sunday afternoon sketching out the above. Reason for this was two-fold:

1. I like drawing dragons.

2. I needed to get sorted in my head properly how the Drakes look, before I click buttons and make my choices final.

Reasonably happy with how this one came out. Apologies about the quality of the image – I drew it on A3, as wanted to be able to get as much of the wing detail in as possible but still be able to do the body justice. Unfortunately this means that I can’t scan the image (as I would otherwise do), as my scanner only takes A4.

Still, you get the idea.

This sketch also did that thing a lot of my better artwork does where it started out well, then all seemed to go a bit pooh in the middle, but turned out fine in the end. Have learnt through many years of trial and tribulation to ignore the middle bit, where I think its all a bit shit, and power through to the end, as 9 times out of 10 it ends up brilliantly.

Art is a messy process, its not gona look pretty in the middle.

Can’t help feeling that this particular dragon (who isn’t supposed to be any of the characters from the book) has ended looking just a teensy bit like Tina Turner (hence the title). I think its the hatching over the eyes (supposed to be eyebrow spines), and the slight pout that do it.

That and the scary warrior queen markings it’s got going on.

Anyway, I’m off to be stabbed with needles.



5 thoughts on “Beyond the Thunderdome

  1. Excellent drawing. I’m not an artist. About the only thing I can draw is dragons. And this drawing blows away anything I could possibly hope to produce. My complements.

    • Thanks man. Dragons have been a particular passion of mine since I was very little. Kind of evolved out of the universal (I’ve always assumed?) love of dinosaurs I think most kids go through (my brothers and I were hardcore fans).
      I’ll be putting more up (I suspect) as and when, so keep you’re eyes peeled.
      Oh, and I’m sure your art’s better than you think.

      • Yeah, I was a big fan of dinosaurs as a kid, too. Had these little plastic figures that me and my sisters use to play with. I could kind of draw dinosaurs a little bit, too. But again, that’s about it. Regardless, I’m not a professional artist.

      • Ah, well – we all have our talents. I, for example, would be absolutely useless in a fight (where as it sounds like you could handle yourself in a tavern brawl 😉 Good luck with the blog tour btw.

      • I’ve been trained in martial arts, so I wouldn’t be hopeless in a tavern brawl; but I have very little real world experience in fighting, so I can’t be sure unless I actually got one. I usually prefer to avoid fighting. Anyway, thanks for the well-wishing.

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