Back cover write up

Almost there with the cover.

It occurred to me over the weekend that I’ve not really said anything on here regarding what my book, The Orphans Revolt, is actually about.

If you’re the sort of person (like me) who prefers not to read the back cover, look away now…

Our story follows the lives of five individuals: Rivan, Caitlin, Marcus, Ikari and Timo.

Rivan and Caitlin work as Consorts within one of the Manses that people Kharpal’s infamous Pleasure Quarter. The quality, and pliability, of the flesh on offer there is just one of the reasons for the old pirate port’s popularity as a meeting point, for traders and goods from about the Arc Sea and beyond. Cat’s life takes an interesting turn, if not quite the one she’d hoped for, when she’s asked to take on Marcus as a client. Mark is a Daiku, someone who can tap the energies of the Garden, wielding them as he pleases. She accepts, little realising she’ll soon be seeking his help to salvage her friend Rivan’s sanity.

Meanwhile, Ikari, a young member of the enclave of Nym who inhabit the highlands of the island of Faeron, is given a mission. Something unquiet has disturbed the ancients of his Grove, who slumber with roots taped into the energy flows of the Garden. His superiors decide to send him as envoy to their sister Grove, at Carpassan, just west of Kharpal. There, he will seek council from Suchain, one of the oldest living Nym not to have surrendered himself to sleep, and one of the few people still alive who remembers the Congregate’s revolution against its immortal aristocracy, some one hundred and eighty years ago.

Whilst Ikari begins the long trek down to the coast, Timo has the relative mundanity of his life broken by a request from Kirigama, the Drake whom he counts as a friend. The Congregate, whose Senate forms the ruling body for most of the lands of the Arc Sea, is experiencing a period of turmoil, brought on at least in part by the self imposed exile of its figurehead, the Emperor Railu Soone. He has been hiding away at his Summer Residence since the death of his wife, but things are about to change, as an his nephew brings news of the events that have disturbed both the local Daiku, and the Groves on Faeron and at Carpassan.

Kir asks Timo to spy for him and his fellow Drakes, seeking knowledge of what they have found…

So, there you have it. Hopefully you’re suitably intrigued.


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