Strategy is a system of expedients

I find myself at an odd juncture at present.

I’m currently in the process of re-reading my book. I am, also, busy wading my way through the resultant editing process that is the reason for said re-read. This has, inevitably, left me feeling a little disjointed: I’m nearing the finale in my reading – an emotionally loaded moment that had me in tears as I wrote it (in my defence, I did spend the best part of a year with these people). I find myself both anticipating and also dreading the time when I can finally put it down and say ‘finished’.

At the same time, however, I am also mired back around the middle of my tale, slowing working my way towards the point in the story where everything comes to a head for the first time. I imagine its how new time travellers would feel, during their initial forays up and down the local continuum.

On the positive side, the process has reacquainted me with parts of the story I’d completely forgotten about (I’ve always found that a little on the strange side: that you can write something only to completely forget about it). Its also allowed me to deal with the continuity issues across the book. I think next time I go through this process I’ll look perhaps to worry about that side of the creative process less until this point. It’s proved so much easier to iron out paradigm details having reached the end of the first draft.

The old saying about battle plans should definitely be heeded by writers.

Kudos to von Moltke the Elder.


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