Greetings traveller. Welcome to the dream of the sleeping god (not the one with tentacles, the guy with the horns and the hangover.)

I’ve created this place to act as hub for my work, but don’t blog here regularly anymore. For the latest on my work please either follow me on Twitter* or visit my page on deviantART (see the links to your left) which also includes my visual and literary galleries (I do tweet everything new I release for those of you not on deviantART itself).

If it’s the written word you’re after, you might be well advised to head straight over here to the Morningstar’s library on Smashwords, where you’ll find most of what I’ve written available as a free download in pretty much any format you care to name.


A word on what I’m currently working on:

At present I’m working on Harlem’s Deck, a noir piece about a neo- Buddhist warrior and his daemonic crow. Check it out here if you like that sort of thing. I aim to release fortnightly, and will do my best to mention tweet if there’s likely to be any disruptions.

At Smashwords you’ll also find the editions of Filthy Gore so far available.

A word on the Star Plague Journals (The Orphans Revolt etc): I’ve started work on the third (and final) part of Rivan and Caitlin’s tale. Expect to see the first fruits of my labours some time in 2016. If you’re new to the Star Plague you can find the first instalment on Amazon (for a price I’m afraid).

Thanks for riding in on the surf. If you’ve any queries feel free to sing on Twitter, otherwise I hope you enjoy the above.

Kudos peeps x


2 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Paul. I think we can help each other get more readers. You won’t need to come back regularly to update content, like is a blog. People will find you based on your preferred books: an instant, genuine connection, with a stranger. Give it a try at It has no cost for authors.

    • Hi Amos

      Thanks for the tip – I’ll give it a look though to be honest I’m actually fairly happy with how things are at the moment. I’m not sure how much you’ve looked into what I do but I use Deviant Art as a portal for my writing. I’ve found that by combining this with my Smashwords account (for those readers who want an e-reader friendly version) I’m actually getting some good response to my work. Will defo check mybooktwin out though – nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that. Thanks again.

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